Wednesday, June 24, 2015

House of Deputies To Regulate Rolling Bags

During the combined meeting of the first session of General Convention a poor dear soul came in late after having been lost for several hours in the heat of downtown and then the labyrinthine Convention Center . 

Upon stepping into the light, finding his bearings, he quickly made his way into the combined session of the two houses this morning.  He found there the deputies attention wrapped in the beautiful and captivating words of the president.  He quickly made his way to his seat.

His seat was 1.5 miles from the back of the room and he made his way there expeditiously.  Every deputy, including our dear soul, pulls behind them a rolling bag like the one seen here.  He pulled his all 1.5 miles.  And as he did, and as the president was speaking, his suitcase went, "Clickety, clack, clickety, clack," all the way through the hall.

This brought to mind the need for legislation as does most of life here at General Convention. I am proposing the following resolution adapted from the General Convention Scooter Policy found in the Deputy Guid Book:

  • Operate your rolling bag in a careful and considerate manner – it’s the same as driving a car; be a defensive toter.
  • Use a footpath or sidewalk when one is accessible. In most jurisdictions, you are considered a pedestrian and should avoid driving on the road - no matter how big your roller bag is.
  • Move off a shared path if you have stopped so others can pass. We understand from time to time your roller bag may tip over. Please move to the sidewalk shoulder as soon as possible.
  • Travel at a speed that doesn’t endanger others or yourself. Roller bags can be heavy and take a long time to stop.
  • Similar to how you drive a car, keep right, and pass on the left. There will be a lot of roller bags.
  • Warn others when you approach them from behind, around a hidden turn or on a covered driveway. If you have a horn, use it. While many roller bags don't have horns, we recomend you get one. Most deputies are unaware at how silent they can sneak up on someone with their roller bag. 
  • Always look behind you, including before you overtake someone who is slower than you (you may hit someone on the side.)
  • If you get a call on your cell phone, pull over. Don't try and pull your roller bag and talk on the phone at the same time. Your toting ability becomes five times worse when your attention is on a phone call, and when you’re using one hand instead of two to drag your roller bag behind you.
  • When you are in a dining room or restaurant park it to the side in the dining area.
  • It is illegal for you to let any person tote your roller bag, in a way that may cause you or the other person injury.
  • Please do not leave your roller bag unattended in the hotel halls; this blocks the flow of traffic (especially when you think it doesn’t).
  • Using curb cuts is the safest way to leave a curb; otherwise the roller bag, which is prone to tipping over will tip over.
  • Please be careful when carrying extra things on your roller bag - like extra briefcases. These can make the roller bag top heavy and more dangerous.
  • Also be mindful of any items (yours or someone else’s) that could get caught in the wheels of your roller bag.  This is very dangerous and could cause the roller bag to stop suddenly, injuring you and damaging the roller bag.
  • Enjoy the mobility that the roller bag offers you and General Convention.

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