Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Well, dear readers, it is I, your servant the Rev. Mr. Percivale E. Hollyshoes at your service.

Once again, I have agreed to delight you with my musings as I once again take part in the “doings” of this charming Convention of the Ordinary of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

I confess, as a bit of sport, I wrote to the Secretary of the Convention offering volunteerism! Imagine the shock of my fellows in Manchester when I presented my little scheme… however we were all of a good turn once I revealed with what wit I contrived to play at condescending to physical labor. I am after all a Gentleman first, and also a Churchman—to think I’d take part in such affairs is laughable.

Needless to say, I was without surprise when the Secretary had returned post that my “kind offer to entertain participants with my witty repartee, while refreshing myself near pool sides in the company of charming ladies was not necessary…” From the dreariness of some of these participants I’ve met thus far—I must disagree. Were my offer not completely facetious, I might find it the very study of virtuous charity to deign to do the very thing I had in jest offered.

Well, as to less vulgar things, you will doubtless be overjoyed to know that I have indeed lately attained your charming America. Even now I await the porter who will convey my effects to the hotel suite, and satisfy myself by taking my customary gin and tonic at the Hilton Garden Inn (a place which sadly has received only an 4.4 of 5 rating). Reclining in stylish repose, and writing this very entry—I am struck at how greatly I feel the lack of the other 0.6 of that rating…

Alas, I shall take comfort in the knowing that part of what has endeared me to these little fancies in America are the very ruggedness one endures when coming here.

Well, until some other time, as ever, I remain
Mr. Hollyshoes

The Reverend Mister Percivale Erastus Hollyshoes is a man of means and culture who is ever seeking to avoid boredom. He was ordained in the Church of England; but is currently pursuing other intellectual avenues such as entomology and its connection to etymology. His passions include art, poetry, tea and various journals and anthologies to which I contribute. He certainly has bragging rights as he has been associated and contributed to the fine periodicals listed here: The Altwerter Uncommonly Erudite Quarterly, Cacoethes Scribendi in Latinae Linguae and Cat Fancy. Presently the Rev'd Dr. Hollyshoes is what many would consider an international Gentleman of Leisure, also the Richard Hurrell Froude Adjunct Chair Bearwood College. I met this fine man while enjoying a martini on the veranda of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC), Kolkata, India (established in 1829). 

His education like the rest of this fine team: BAS, Serampore College, West Bengal, IndiaLiterature, 2000 - 2004; Ridley Hall, Cambridge, Master of Theology, 2005 - 2008

He has lived in Manchester, England; Serampore, West Bengal, India; Berkshire, England; Dalmatian Coast, Croatia; and Arlington, Virginia, United States.

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